The Concept

Xavier Artisan caters to a growing market of discerning guests who understand the health
impact of the repetitive quick lunches and meals to which our busy lives are subjected.
Xavier Artisan ultimately offers a great variety of delicious products, with distinctive taste
profiles and full ingredient transparency.

With deep historical roots and a long tradition of community engagement, the Xavier Artisan
name is steeped in a rich heritage. Derived from the travelling missionary Saint Francis Xavier,
who made his home in Montreal Canada’s picturesque Old-Port, the building, constructed in
1812, still stands today, and is the home of the first ever Xavier Artisan location.


Product Offering

Xavier Artisan’s core product offering includes coffee, sandwiches, salads, soups and ice cream. A
complementary artisanal retail product line is available to provide additional revenue opportunities.

The beautiful and functional take-out counter provides the optimal environment for guest interaction, and serves as the perfect showcase for the elegant and beautifully prepared handcrafted food. The true key to Xavier Artisan’s success is the authenticity of the artisan spirit and the fresh, locally sourced ingredients.



Offering a taste profile unlike anything in the world, the heart of the Xavier Artisan brand is  the selection of amazing sandwiches. Add to this a daily selection of two seasonal soups, one  “bold” and one “simple,” and the fresh, exotic salads.

As if this wasn’t enough, the palate of artisanal ice creams will delight the senses of even the  most discerning connoisseur, and the twelve to fifteen flavors will keep them coming back for  more.


Retail line

The Xavier Artisan branded retail line mirrors the artisan spirit in both product and presentation.  All items are displayed to stimulate impulse purchases. Your guest can unleash his or her inner  artisan at home with the exclusive branded retail line which includes a gourmet selection of  premium coffees, teas, olive oil, maple syrup, preserves and more.



The design is timeless, rustic and with reference to a nineteenth-century drugstore environment.  All modern day necessities such as POS terminals, price displays, credit card terminals and guest  USB/power ports have been discreetly incorporated into the design. The boutique design keeps  the underlying artisan and rustic vision with ample use of distressed wood, vintage mirrors  and an antique feel to the lighting. In similarity to the discerning attitude taken towards the  choice of ingredients and product offering, each aspect of design was carefully selected to help  exude a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Each component was chosen not only for its individuality, but for the manner in which it  complements the space and the other elements of decor. Item choice was based on simplicity  and quirk. Xavier Artisan was designed to take guests back to an era when all food was made  in-house with the freshest local ingredients. The warmth of the wood is designed to transport the  guest back to a simpler time.


XA Connect

The state of the art and user-friendly Xavier Artisan App XA Connect caters to the repetitive  consumer and brings another dimension to the consumer experience while supporting  incremental revenue. The three principle functions of the App are:

1.“Scan & pay” which allows guests to quickly pay at the counter without the use of credit  card or cash. For the consumer with promotional or corporate discounts, this is applied to the bill instantaneously and automatically.

2.“Pre-order” This function allows the consumer to pre-select, pre-order and pre-pay from the  app menu and book for a pre-selected pick-up time, skipping any lunch traffic or line-up.

3.“Delivery” This optional function allows the consumer to select from the app menu and schedule for delivery within franchisees pre-determined geographical area.

XA Connect is aesthetically pleasing, extremely user-friendly for the consumer and easy to operate for the boutique management.


Black Bee Franchise Support

Black Bee Hospitality sets itself apart from the conventional franchiser through its flexible partner approach to its franchisees. Comprehensive business analysis, due diligence and business plan development support is available in the planning phase.

Wide-ranging conceptual, brand and management training will be conducted for core team members in training units as well as on-location during the pre-opening phase. In the pre-opening and opening phase, a full operational brand implementation team will be on location supporting an ideal local launch.