AROUND is a ground-breaking concept developed entirely by Black Bee Hospitality and which will launch in 2018. In a world in which city centres are becoming more and more inhospitable, AROUND is a private member community which believes that people deserve to feel safe, serene and cocooned whilst away from home.

A combination of superior interior design and ultra-intuitive technology makes for a new type of lounge which will open its first locations in 2018 in the cities of Madrid, Berlin and Rome.

Xavier Artisan

Xavier Artisan prides itself on being the antidote to a fast food culture that is entirely too focused on providing processed and poorly nutritionally-conceived food. The artisanal farm-to-table products are as delicious as they are wholesome, where quality is never compromised. Everything served is made fresh, with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial additives.

L’Atelier d’Argentine

A contemporary Argentinean restaurant, L’Atelier d’Argentine as if torn out of the heart of Buenos Aires. The vision was to design a "female-friendly next-generation” steakhouse that offers a truly unique culinary experience and a great value. Ture to the roots of Chef Natalia Machado, L’Atelier d’Argentine has created a menu that is both sophisticated in tis attention to detail and classic in its distinct strong flavorful identity.

Wienstein & Gavino’s

Benvenuti to Wienstein & Gavino’s, one of the most iconic establishments of any kind in Montreal. W&G is an authentic and traditional Italian restaurant offering a rustic atmosphere and contemporary feel and taste. W&G was founded in 1996 and is a cornerstone of Ville-Marie Collection.

Influenced by the flavours and traditions of Italy, W&G cuisine is always innovative and fresh. W&G is constantly exploring new and creative dishes as trends evolve, all while respecting the classics; with homemade pasta made from scratch daily and pizzas cooked to perfection in a brick oven, W&G provides an authentic Italian culinary experience for all tastes. Combining a smart casual approach to lunch and dinner, with takeout, catering and event-hosting options, W&G is all-encompassing.



AREYA - Peak & Shore is curated to be market-leading and multidimensional beach and ski club experiences set within global summer & winter destinations.

AREYA - Peak & Shore sets itself apart in the environment through its strength of brand identity and coherence of the joint experience amongst the AREYA Eatery, AREYA Beachside, AREYA Cliffside and the AREYA No-Shush Spa.  

Brand experiences are tailored to the individual destination and its cultural, demographic and hotel requirements. AREYA is optimized to elevate the guest experience, and where possible lift revenue potential through a balanced mix of local residents and incoming leisure traffic and provide a stimulated beach club and ski club environment with an innovative offering.