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Hotel Management

Black Bee Hospitality specializes in the conceptualization and management of boutique hotel properties with a strong gastronomic component. We aim to extract hotel / hospitality potential out of properties that would upon a first glance not seem fit.

We believe that the boundaries between hotels, restaurants and hostels are ever thinning and that consumers are demanding fresher and more relevant hospitality concepts. Black Bee Hospitality is currently in the design phase for a boutique hotel concept in Old Port Montreal and a rustic farm house in the beautiful island of Mallorca both under our Maison Cru brand.


Food & Beverage Concepts

As gastro enthusiasts, we have two main areas of focus in Food & Beverage. On one side we aim to grow our portfolio of brands in Europe and the Middle East.

These include concepts such as Xavier Artisan, L’Atelier d’ Argentine, Weinstein & Gavino’s and IZEL. Each of these brands offer a distinct and relevant gastronomic experience and after an initial launch in Montreal, Canada are now ready for franchise globally.

On the other side, we specialize in the creation of F&B Brands as conceptual consultants together with our strategic partner Ville Marie Collection. Our services include: branding, conceptual creation, food & beverage menu libraries, guest experience journey, music and entertainment standards, interior design and training and basically allow us to support in some or all parts of the development of an outstanding and solid restaurant and/or bar concept.  


Catalyst consultancy

There are many renowned and reputable consultants out there that can develop pages and pages of information, most of which is nowadays available online. Our approach is more like asking an experienced and well-connected friend “Why don’t you have a look and tell me what you think”.

We believe that often it’s about giving the right catalyst; the right idea and a push in the right direction. Giving an insightful perspective on positioning of a property and making the connections to the network of people that can deliver a vision is often of more value than volumes of feasibility data.


Around - the art of lounge

AROUND is a ground-breaking concept developed entirely by Black Bee Hospitality and which will launch in 2018. In a world in which city centres are becoming more and more inhospitable, AROUND is a private member community which believes that people deserve to feel safe, serene and cocooned whilst away from home.

A combination of superior interior design and ultra-intuitive technology makes for a new type of lounge which will open its first locations in 2018 in the cities of Madrid, Berlin and Rome.